Heartbreak Art: Music Makers

As you know, I love Pinterest. I don't know about other people but I get crazy inspired looking through there and I actually make things due to my inspiration.
A month or so ago I saw this quote:


As soon as I saw it I knew that I had to paint it somewhere in our entryway. This quote is us. So I eventually found this technique:

It seemed perfect! I went to Home Depot and had them cut wood the perfect size for our entryway. I was so excited! I googled the quote before printing and found that the one I saw on Pinterest was incorrect! I found the correct quote and the person who originally said it, (it was said by Willy Wonka but it wasn't his original line) and I was good to go.
Cutting each letter out was a lot on the tedious side but it was going to be worth it. My idea was to keep the letters wood color and paint over them with a blueish on the right and some other color on the left with a vertical wood stripe, hence the painter's tape.

I began to paint. Brett even took Neely on an errand so I could get started. I decided this was a perfect color combo and I couldn't wait to peel the tape off.


Unfortunately while painting I saw that the paint had bled through the contact paper. I didn't realize contact paper wouldn't adhere well to wood. I was pretty bummed. I didn't bother to wait for all of the paint to dry, I peeled the letters off and to my dismay saw that my original idea had been ruined.

Instead of scrapping the whole thing I got out my black gesso and traced over each letter. Not my original idea, not even close to being as cool as that, but it works. And today we will hang it in our entryway!

And just to show you how awesome this quote is beyond the fact that it's made for my family, check it out in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. It is so randomly thrown in there it makes me laugh every time!

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