Picky Picky

Ever since Neely began to feed herself it has been difficult to find food that she'll actually try much less eat. If it looks different than what she's been used to, it will not go into her mouth. I have, on several occasions, forced food into her mouth knowing that she would like it. And you know what? Every single time she did. (mothers know best.)
In other words, the 3 meals per day and snack times in between are a struggle for me mentally because I have to some how some way make sure she is getting nutrition (more nutrition than yogurt alone).
Although she will be 17 months in two days, and I should be a pro at this feeding a toddler thing, I am surprised every single day when it's lunch or dinner time.
Snack times are easier, air-popped popcorn (she LOVES it), chips & salsa, or, raisins. She's finally old enough to chew raisins and her poop isn't 100% undigested raisins. Hah/barf.

Do you have a hard time feeding your toddler? What do meal times consist of? I need ideas!

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