We had a boring cheap quality Ikea black dresser for years. It fell apart and has looked trashy for at least a year now. We have been hunting thrift stores and antique stores for a vintage one that would better fit our style. We found the perfect dresser a few weeks ago and recently it was ready to be picked up! It was normal wood color so we had them paint it to match our bedroom. I am so in love with this dresser!! I'll post room photos once we get everything organized.

We have lived in our house for six months. For six months I have been wanting to finish Neely's room and yesterday we finished!! I am so excited!! Please excuse the terrible photos, I only have my iPhone right now so this will have to do! I wanted to snap pictures the one and only time her room will ever be clean!

Her piano is to the left of her crib (which will one day be her toddler bed) and her reading nook to the right!

This is her new reading nook complete with Ikea spice rack shelves (a Pinterest idea) and a cushion to sit.

This is a collection of my art, my prints, free prints, Björk, and Frida Kahlo art. I'll do a close up pic one day.

Her closet is on the left. These are her toys and her piano.

It's been a super productive week!

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