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I spent the first half of my Labor Day crafting! It rained all day here in sunny San Diego, so I'm glad I had something to do!
We have lived in this house for about 5 months. For 5 months I have been telling myself to figure out something for Neely's room. It has been BARE. A couple months ago my mom made curtains and that made such a difference, but all of the walls were still bare.
So I went to my trusty Pinterest for help. I created a "Neely Room Ideas" board and have been pinning like crazy for quite some time.
I finally put a couple ideas together, bought supplies and crafted a cute cute cute wall for above her crib! (not sure why her wall looks pink; it's white.)

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I took inspiration from here, which follows a wonderful tutorial that I used and can be found here.
And of course, the bunting I see EVERYWHERE and I found an easy tutorial here.

I love accomplishing things and I love the final product!! I think my favorite part of the project was choosing fabrics. Her room has always been mostly pink and I want it to have ALL colors. I found and fell in love with a fabric bundle that was all reds, oranges, yellows and greens. I think most people at first glance would have put it away knowing that DUH red and pink clash. But I had to have it. I wished so hard that my mom would magically appear to give me guidance, but that didn't work so I did some quick brainstorming in the store. I slowly walked through the pink fabric section and found exactly what I needed.
I found two fabrics that were not only complimentary to each other, they had red AND pink in them! You can see them in the picture, they're the ones in the largest frames. They were the key to making it all work.
The bunting was an afterthought. I figured it would help to tie all of the fabrics (her curtain fabric included) together, and I was right!
Now when you enter Neely's room you're hit with a splash of color and a happy feeling inside! I love color.

Now I have to start her other giant blank wall! I have some supplies already and will hopefully at least start it this week.
Once her room is finished I'll take more/better pictures and post them!

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