DIY Thank-You Cards

I recently had a birthday and was given very nice gifts by my friends and family! Since they went through all the trouble to give me thoughtful gifts I figured I should send them thoughtful thank-you cards.

These are so simple you probably could look at them and know how to make them but just in case...

- several pieces of plain 5x7 cardstock (I happen to have tons of thick art paper laying around so I used that. Any thick paper is fine.)
- sewing machine loaded with thread (I used hot pink on the top and white on the bobbin so it would blend in with the paper more.)
- scrap fabric
- pen
- washi tape (I got mine here)


  1. Fold each paper in half.
  2. Unfold so that you only sew on one side of the card.
  3. Take scrap fabric and place on card in intended position.
    1.  When sewing on paper it's important to use a thicker needle and adjust your machine's tension before sewing. My machine is set at a 4, but each machine is different.
  4. Sew!
  5. Leave ends loose for a more organic feel. I didn't worry about back-stitching because it'll most likely get thrown away once it's read, it's just for the initial look.
  6. Write sentiment on front and inside!
  7. Seal envelope with washi tape to complete the look!
These cute cards will be a welcome addition to anyone's mailbox! Don't stop at just thank-you's, send notes to just say hi!
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