Grandma Update

I'm in Vegas, have been here since Thursday night.
This stroke business is no joke. It damaged about a quarter of her brain.
She is laying in a hospital bed, unable to really wake up.
At first, after she was admitted, she could wake up. She was able to watch me and Neely and my cousin Katy and her son Cooper. She smiled as the toddlers ran amuck in her room. She gave us kisses and even said a few words. That was Friday.
Today is the third day in a row that she can't wake up. And by that I mean that she looks like she's sleeping, she sounds like she's sleeping but she's not. She struggles to open her eyes even a slit.
Her breathing is so labored you know it must be painful.
Her mouth is dry, her fingers are swollen.
She is not my normal grandma. She would hate to be laid out in the hospital like this.
I don't even know if she knows anymore. We don't know how aware she is but we do know she can hear us.
We stretch out our visits and make sure every few hours someone is there for at least an hour.
She has some great daughters, let me tell you. My mom and aunt have been there around the clock.
They are utterly spent.
This time is so emotionally taxing for all of us.
Today I allowed my self to sob for a minute, then I had to pull myself together so Neely didn't see me.
Grandma will soon go to heaven and finally see Jesus face to face. She'll be reunited with my beautiful grandpa and she'll be loving on my babies who are there.
It's such an exciting thing to think about!
On earth, we will desperately miss her, I already miss her and she's only a couple miles away, but we will see her again.

Please pray that she will be out of pain and discomfort soon. This is no way for my tiny grandma to live or die.
I really appreciate all of the kind words and prayers we've received. Thank you.

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