A 40 Year Journey

December 18, 1971 was a day for the history books. It was the day Ron & Cheri sealed their love by getting married before God and man.
Theirs has been a journey few could survive, yet God has been faithful.
And by saying God is faithful I mean that yes, my parents have been married for 40 years and that in itself is a feat this day and age, what with disposable marriages and all, but what I truly mean is that today, December 18, 2011 shows a couple that is more in love than ever before. And that is an accomplishment. You see, any couple can stay married for 40 years. But my parents have made an art form of being happy together. They are constantly bettering themselves and their marriage.
They are without doubt the two most amazing people I have known in my life. If you have had the pleasure of knowing them or even meeting them once or twice you know that my mom's smile lights up a room and her laughter is so beautiful that you find yourself searching for something else funny to say so that you can hear it again, and my dad's tough-guy look disappears when his eyes crinkle with love and his voice is laced with compassion. My parents are treasures.
It makes me cry to think about how much I love them.
You will never meet a more talented, loving, gorgeous, compassionate, godly, artistic, amazing couple than my parents.
Today I wish them 40 more years (I told them that the other day and they said, "NOO!" which makes sense...who wants to be over 100? haha) together, only I wish those years be on the beach in San Diego next to me! 

I love you both with my heart. You are the lights in my life and I am so blessed that you're my parents.
Happy Anniversary!

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