When Neely was a newborn she didn't like pacifiers. When she was about six weeks old she began crying constantly and nothing would help her. We bought four different brands of pacifiers until we found one that worked for her and it was...magic.
There, I said it.
It is so frowned upon by everyone from your over-opinionated family members to the stranger in the grocery store. People have opinions on pacifiers and damned if you're not going to hear them!
I have heard it ALL but to those people I say SCREW YOU, I like my baby/toddler peaceful and quiet thank you very much!
That being said, the time has come to ease Neely away from her pacifier. If you've ever looked at any pictures in my blog you know that her pacifier is practically welded to her mouth, so this is no easy task.

Here is our plan starting today, January 1, 2012:
1. only let her have it at nap time or bedtime
2. eventually phase it out of #1. When/how we have no idea. We will cross that bridge when we come to it.

We aren't doing it for any other reason than we feel like it.

Moms, take heart in this post because I am 100% PRO PACIFIER! Don't listen to people's negative comments because are they the ones stuck listening to your screaming baby? Exactly.

Happy New Year!
I'll keep posting on the was strangely successful. Now, tomorrow when Brett goes back to work and I'm home with Neely and she's sobbing for her "pass"? That remains to be seen!

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