I've been trying to function after being surrounded by this cuteness all day every day. Every time I pull myself together I look at her pure joy and the light radiating from her and I fall apart again. She is such a treasure.
This girl makes me fall in love with her moment after moment. She amazes me.
dancing along the beach

Dancing is a recurring theme in all videos and pictures of Neely. It's her number one favorite thing to do. I wonder if she will still love it as she grows older? I hope so!
Brett and I both came from extremely musical families that ironically didn't listen to much music while at home (and certainly no dancing...ever!) and we want to raise Neely with lots of music and even more dancing. We want our future family gatherings to be full of laughter and music and dancing. We want to change our family's culture.
I have noticed that for a lot of people, myself included, dancing is something that causes embarrassment. It's something that you're shy of, it's something that you claim you never do. And I have come to really resent that!
I love to dance. I love the happy feeling I get when moving my body to music, no matter how "white", uncoordinated, or silly I look.
And I think that when we were created we were created to dance. Most little kids if not all move their bodies to music when they hear it, on pure instinct.
I know that it's kind of weird to dance if you haven't danced for a long time, but do me a favor! Some time this week, turn on your favorite song (lock yourself in a room if you have to) and dance your heart out! I guarantee you will feel better!
(if you don't have a favorite song, the song in the video below is "Blame It On The Boogie" by The Jacksons and you can download it here. I highly recommend this song!)

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