I just want to take this moment to be proud of myself!
I am turning into a runner. I'm still not amazing at it, my average pace isn't very fast, but I have finally conquered the mental beast.
If you know me, you know that running has long been an issue with me.
I have desired to love running but couldn't.
In April a few of us ran a 5k. Up until that point I had never ran 3 miles without stopping, much less 3.1 miles.
The week before the 5k I was nervous because I could only run 2.5 without wanting to die.
The day of the 5k came and I was pumped up! I was determined and excited.
There is something about running in a large group of people that makes it easier to keep going.
I finished the race, happy but not really that proud of myself because after all, it was only 3.1 miles.
The next day I went running again, this time going 3.25 miles.
And that's when I realized my mental block, the one that had been plaguing me for years, was gone! Well, not entirely gone but greatly diminished.
Since then, every time I have gone running, I have set small goals and have met them.
The only time I haven't increased either pace or mileage is when I have had my shin splint flare up.

For fun, here is my mileage from May 2011:
I ran 6 times for a total of 15.41 miles. My average pace was 13'37"/mile.

May 2012:
I ran 10 times for a total of 43.62 miles. My average pace was 10'35"/mile.

When I first saw these charts today I was blown away! How encouraging!

This shows that so far in 2012, my farthest run was 6.55 miles (I ran that yesterday) and above you can see my fastest.
Last year I had never even attempted a 5k so this information was nonexistent!

I think I have cracked my personal running code, I have finally figured out what it takes for me to run far and faster and I feel GREAT!!!

I will be blogging in the future about the mental side of things because that was the thing that always confused and discouraged me.

If nothing else, as I blog my running progress I hope to encourage at least one person that you can start running and you can run far!

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  1. You are SO amazing. I'm sorry you have shin splints right now, but that will pass, and it's so insane how much of an athlete you are now! I'm so impressed and proud!