Potty Training|Day 2

Day 2 was a disaster.
Same method, charts, prizes, excitement, etc., but only 1 poop around 10am and no pee all day.

That is where we gave up. I think it's dangerous to hold pee that long!
The thing about Neely is that she is smarter than any kid her age that I've met. She knows exactly what she is supposed to do but for some reason refuses.
I plan on praying about this, that God will give us answers because typical potty training methods that work for other kids do not work for Neely Bear.

Off to change a diaper...


  1. Ok I just typed up a comment and it disappeared so I'm writing again. Sorry if you get two.

    Noweo's going through the same thing. She knows what to do but refuses. The other day I was getting her ready for her bath and she started peeing on the floor right by the toilet. So I stuck her on the toilet and she stopped peeing. She finished up in the bathtub. GRRRR! We had a little potty for her on Maui and she hated sitting on it. I'd have to bribe her and she would never pee in it. I don't know what to do. I'm just hoping that one day she announces that she's done with diapers and goes to the toilet on her own. That's how it's been with every single transition she's been through. She had to decide to do it. I think I might end up changing a 3 year old's diapers! Ugh. Good luck! If you find something that works for you guys let me know.

    1. I think I'll be changing a 3 year old's diapers too. :-/ I guess here's hoping they're not 4 and in diapers! haha