2nd Trimester!!

I've made it into the elusive second trimester!! I am so thankful that I'm still pregnant and everything is going quite well! I am still first trimester exhausted and nauseous often. I am starting to get somewhat of an appetite back so hopefully I'll start gaining weight soon! And yes, that is the only time in my entire life where I will say that, haha!
We have our next appointment on Tuesday, hopefully it includes and ultrasound and a gender scan date! I know several San Diego girls who are pregnant and they're ALL having boys so I am sure I will be on the boy list too! Plus, everyone in my family who has two kids (2 people) had a girl first and then a boy, I know the dad determines the gender but it's a funny coincidence!
This week has been filled with potty training. That's a post I will do next week when I have more energy.
I realize I didn't post anything about Neely's third birthday. I am really lame at birthday posts. I usually just can't. I can't channel the proper emotions and some things I just want to keep inside. But I will do a post with cute pictures of her flying a kite and her fun little party!
If you're still reading my blog, thanks for hanging in there!
I will post more if I ever get my energy back!


  1. Haha life with two babies will never share a sentence with the word "energy" again - at least not to describe yourself. Likely to describe your children, especially if you DO have that boy. ;0) So overjoyed for you and your blessed family, Sarah.

  2. We're having a boy?! Jk. Your blog is the best! I'm glad you can eat again!