Project Life- Week 13

Once again I made my own title card. This week I used card stock and ribbon from Target's $1 section. I LOVE the dollar section! The stripes are from the packaging from a gift I bought for a friend online. (or maybe it was a gift for myself...I can't remember now, haha!)
In Photoshop I journaled on top of a few pictures and THEN resized which was a big mistake. On the left side, on the picture of greek yogurt I journaled about how I made my own and the type is SO small you'd need a magnifying glass to read it! Lesson learned.
The two 6x4 photos on the right side are my favorites. We took Neely to a park and I took sequence pictures of Brett going down a slide. His facial expressions were so intense, when I saw the pictures I started laugh-crying (that is how I look when I laugh so hard I cry)! It's a wonder I didn't wet my pants I was laughing so hard! It was such a fun time, I'm so so glad we documented it and it's in our PL book forever! You can click the picture to enlarge and look at his face up's amazing, lol!

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