While Neely was in public school, I daily felt frustrated at the situation and sad for Neely. She cried every single day. She had behavior problems at home. She no longer looked forward to Sunday School because it meant being away from me.
Beyond the obvious emotional stress it was causing her, I also knew it wasn't the right choice academically. I had been fairly active in her classroom and witnessed the overcrowded classroom and the fact that Neely had already learned everything the teacher was teaching.
One night I sent a text to my mom and asked her to pray that God would make the choice clear. And in my mind, the choice was either pull her out at Christmas time or after kindergarten. My mom responded that she would pray that God would show us that very week.
A few days before that text to my mom, a couple of friends were discussing Neely and her inability to adjust to public school (or being away from Mama).
They both know Neely and know how bright she is. One of the friends just so happened to be a kindergarten teacher herself and emailed me to suggest a few other options.
One of the options was a public school charter. This charter is a home school program with a Friday school option. In this program, all of the curriculum is provided and tailored to your child, an education facilitator is assigned to you to give you tasks to complete, concepts to master and to report to the state the child's progress. As if this wasn't good enough, they also provide you with credits to enroll your child in a number of art, music, dance, etc. classes! 
As soon as I looked up this school online I knew. When I told Brett, he knew. THIS was our path.
We only had two days to apply, be accepted and un-enroll her from her current school and enroll her in this charter.
I knew that if we made the cutoff it would only be because of God.
We made it! 

Neely is now on her second week of homeschool and has learned more than she would have learned her entire kindergarten year. 
I am able to supplement her public school curriculum with my own Bible teachings, studies on famous artists and nature adventures.
Tomorrow she starts her first art class at an art studio!
I couldn't be happier.
She couldn't be happier.
Homeschool is the best option for us right now and I am so grateful for the opportunity that we have been given!
One of these days I will post more in depth about why homeschool was on my mind at all because I certainly never thought I would be a homeschooling mom!

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  1. This is such a wonderful turn of events for Neely and your family! Very happy for you guys. :)