green tea.

He handed me the iced green tea with a smile.
I accepted it, not telling him I prefer it in latte form.
Mentioning the latte part would only sound like I'm fat. (do you really need those calories?) Not realizing in ten minutes I would eat ten too many tortilla chips with salsa.
After all, the reason he bought me the tea to begin with was to attempt to rescue me from my impending black hole of despair.
I am finding it easy to slip into my old ways.
I'm sure they discussed our Problem and how it was affecting me. Because
when your ray of sunshine is blocked by a cloud, you suddenly feel how chilly life is.
And my head was in the cloud.
And my attitude was getting worse by the second.
So I graciously accepted his kind gift of a green tea and drank it, heart smiling.
I never underestimate the kindness of friends.

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