16 Months

Motherhood is a tender thing.
From the moment you know you're pregnant your life is a whirlwind.
You experience nervousness, anxiety, excitement, happiness, frustration and joy.
Oh, the absolute joy. It makes me weak.
B and I have been dealing with some Big Things and then we look in awe at this miracle, this beautiful wonder. She's not just a ray, she is the entire sun.
And when you are playing with her, bathing her, feeding her, loving on her, you forget, for those sweet moments, that you have any problems at all.
And I think perhaps that is why God made children to be so wonderful. So innocent and pure.
So we can spend our time marveling at their greatness instead of wallowing in our stress.
My child (my child!) has been on this earth for sixteen months today and I am pretty sure I have only been alive that long too.


  1. SOOOO beautifully written. Sarah, you are so awesome. Our family is awesome. Your ability to express the amazing way that Neely makes our life better is astounding. I'm more optimistic and my eyes are wider when I read your posts...

  2. Sarah, this was so beautiful. SOO beautiful...
    My favorite line was "and I am pretty sure that I have only been alive that long as well..."

    I totally get this... we have gone through scary big things too... but we are always overwhelmed completely by the precious little humans that God gave US to raise.... SO grateful, but why us?? You know what I mean?

    Cling to the goodness.... (and there is so much more goodness than we can even see!!)

    Oh --- have you read A Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp? It is rocking my world!!

  3. I love the line "she's not just a ray, she is the entire sun." That description is soooo perfect! Reading these posts about your old life and the life you have now gives me hope for everybody that no matter what difficult situations they find themselves in, things can change and get better. Love the new blog!