How Wonderful Life Is...

"how wonderful life is now you're in the world"

I painted this for Neely's room because it's surprisingly undecorated (except for the curtains my mom made her which are amazing) and she was in dire need of color. Well her walls were, she is plenty colorful! It is painted on wood we bought at Home Depot and had cut for us. It is slightly bowed which actually worked out perfectly because it added dimension once we hung it up.
I found my inspiration from this picture:

I saw this on Pinterest (which is my absolute favorite website. I have made SO MANY things inspired by items I found on that site!) and knew it was made for Neely's room! She is such a happy and spirited girl so she needs as much color as possible in her life!
I treated this painting like it was a love letter. A love letter to my baby girl and a love letter to God. That's how I feel about painting. I know that God gives me my only inspiration and I know He is so so happy when I paint!
God loves art