Naptime Adventure

It was one of those days. Neely did not want to take a nap.
I did.
You see, I think I am part Spanish in that I require a daily siesta to make it through until bedtime.
But no, she was having none of it. And believe me, I tried. I left her in her crib for an HOUR. She played, she cried, she talked to herself...
And finally...well finally I gave up.
Now every mom knows there is a critical point in the non-napping day where you can either roll with it and be creative, or you can be upset and stressed out.
I opted for not having a crappy day.
I decided to take my little wide-eyed girl on an apple juice date to Starbucks.
Recently Neely has been obsessed with keysh (keys).
So of course she had to have her keysh with her. I put them in her purse and we were on our way.

She daintily held her purse the entire way there.
It took us s o  l o n g  to get to Starbucks, as toddlers want to explore every little thing they discover. Which was fine by me since the object of this game was to exhaust her.
Once we got to Starbucks I ordered her a box of apple juice and a green tea latte for me.

After we were done we walked through the weekly Farmer's Market only stopping to listen to a 12 year old boy singing his heart out while playing guitar. We (I) then decided to go to the beach since we haven't been since I hurt my foot.
We both had such a great time I was SO glad we went down there!

It was such a better time than being upset that she wasn't sleeping and watching the clock until 5 so I could have a glass of wine! (I don't do that...I've just heard that people do that.)
I love lazy days with my girl.

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