Photo Of The Week| 10.14.11

I couldn't choose between these two as my Photo of the Week, so here they are!

We decided to take Neely down to the bay one day and she loved walking through the water and digging in the sand. This is a picture of Brett and Neely holding hands. Pictures like this (even though they were taken with a cell phone and not edited!) will be cherished by her when she's older. I really wish cameras would have been more popular when I was little because I would LOVE to have a picture of me holding my dad or mom's hand!

This picture was taken last night at sunset. Neely and I walked down to the beach and she had so much fun running around and exploring! I videoed the sunset so Brett felt like he was there with us. :)

Now it's your turn!
This is open to all photos- I will mainly be posting iPhone photos though because they're my favs. I'm linking up to show you an example of how the linky tool works. This will stay open all weekend so don't panic if you haven't taken a good pic yet, go out and snap away!

How to join in the fun: 

  1. Search through your phone or your camera and find a shot you took this week that is your favorite.
  2. Grab the button below to use in your blog post (or flickr, Instagram, etc.)
  3. Blog! You don't even have to use words, you can just post a picture.
  4. Be sure to link to your post below! Please link to the photo post, not to your entire blog.
  5. Leave each other love! This way you will meet new people and perhaps get inspired to take better photos!

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