Yesterday was my thirty-first birthday! Luckily, being a woman, we celebrated all weekend!
Saturday night we and 13 of our friends got together at the Spaghetti Factory to celebrate. I am so incredibly blessed to have such a good group of friends, and this wasn't even all of them! It felt amazing to be so loved.
[all of these pics are from my iPhone...suuuuper crappy.]

The next day, Sunday, we went to church, lunch (which was a giant mistake with a cranky toddler) and then Brett took us to the Torrey Pines Gliderport because the view was amazing. (btw can you even stand how cute that ring is? My friend Melinda got it for me!!)

going to church

big girl booster seat!

Monday, my actual birthday was amazing! Brett brought me my computer in bed and told me not to move. I talked to my mom on the phone and checked Facebook and blogs while he and Neely got me coffee! When he let me out I came out to the living room to find the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion on pause and a breakfast of egg whites and toast! YUM.
After I ate and we relaxed for a bit we went on a run. We ran 2.25 miles which was plenty for this old lady!
I then was able to wash and dry my hair (a rare thing these days) while Brett and Neely went to Urban Outfitters to return some jeans I bought the other day. When he got back we went to my fav sandwich place and had a picnic at Balboa Park!

When I got into the car he got something out of the trunk and it was my Holga and my Diana+ and he had bought me film for them!! I've had those cameras for years and haven't used them because the film is so expensive and every time I have $25 I haven't wanted to spend it on film. So he basically forced me to take pictures yesterday, an entire roll's worth!! It was so cool! We'll probably drop it off today and see how they turned out!
Brett gave me my other birthday present which was money to be spent on jeans only and money from my parents to be spent on boots only.
Brett had to go to work immediately after the park so Neely and I went home and hung out with a snail for a while before she took a nap (Neely, not the snail.).

When she woke up she was cranky as usual...
 But once she snapped out of it we went to Nordstrom Rack to look for boots and jeans! I fell in love with the first pair I tried on!

When Neely and I got back home Brett was already home from work and my aunt was ready to babysit! We went out for a fancy dinner and it was so fun!!

My birthday couldn't have been better. It was perfect and amazing and I wish my birthday was every day!
p.s. the terrible quality of these photos makes me sooooo saaaaad.

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