I am hoping and believing that 2012 will be my year to live out another dream of mine (the first one being motherhood!) which is being a professional photographer. And by professional I mean making money at photography. I know my photos are good enough (I have been thankfully very encouraged by my friends and family and some strangers!), I just need God to open certain doors and give me ideas and finances...
Brett and I have decided we need to pursue it 100%.
That is why the above verse is so important. I need to seek God's hand in this. He gave me a passion and a talent and I want to use it to love people. I want people to see how beautiful they are, I want them to be around me and feel His love for them through me.
I will be fervently praying for direction and I hope that you will join me in this!
I will blog about it more in the upcoming months. I want to put my fears and goals out there so that you can join me in specific prayer.

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