Technology-Free Wednesdays Are Back!

Our record player's needle has been broken for months. For the life of us we couldn't find a replacement anywhere! This means two sad things. One, we haven't listened to records in months. Two, TFW have been non-existant!
Until yesterday.
We were at Target (because I live there) and saw a combo record player, mp3 player, cd player, radio and tape player! Right then and there we decided to buy it as our Christmas gift to each other!
Last night was our first TFW in months and it was so fun! We ordered food from OB Noodle House and played Rummikub! It's so nice to have our phones on airplane mode, tv off, computer off and just talked and laugh. I am so glad we have reinstated this weekly tradition!

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  1. It was a ton of fun and I'm very excited for evey Wednesday now! I'm surprised you didn't share with the world how badly you beat me at rummikub :-p