June 2012 Run Recap

This month was a bust! I can't believe I only ran 4 times. It's so incredibly ironic that the day after I posted my last running blog (found here) I got injured. You can click the pic above to see the info in more detail. I'm not going to break it down here because with only 4 runs who cares?
I was really upset about it and discouraged but now I figure that if I can be inspiring by running 6.5 miles after not ever going past 3, then I can be inspiring getting my legs back after injury.
Unfortunately I think that all of my previous mental blocks were a lot easier to overcome than these shin splints will be.
I've been trying to pump myself up mentally and give myself pep talks and what I've decided is that I will run with my shin splint compression wrap until I feel like I don't need to, then I will run several more times with it. I will run slower and less distances and listen to my body. My body and mind are crying out for an actual run (instead of this 2 mile nonsense) but I need to listen to my shin.
I want to be smarter about running this time because I want this to be a consistent life-long thing and not something that I do in spurts.
Not running is horrible and frustrating but here's to patience!

Last night I found a great blog and pinned tons of her recipes. She lost something like 80lbs by diet alone. Her recipes seem simple and delicious so I'm really excited.
At least I can make a huge effort to eat well while I can't really exercise much!
Find her blog here.

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