July 2012 Run Recap

So...not my best month but better than June!
Only 6 runs is pretty pathetic though. I was out of town for 3 days (could have run anyway), Brett worked 14 hour days for a week straight (could have pushed the stroller and at least got out there!)...those are all of my excuses.
Honestly, I started to feel lazy and unmotivated. I was eating poorly and although I've maintained my weight I felt gross. I hate being a sloth.
So today is August 4th and I've already run twice. That's a good start! I am only doing small runs again this month until I feel less scared about my shin.
I think that my goal will be 4 miles during the week then 6 miles on Sundays (or Saturdays...whatever day it happens to land on).
The run I did yesterday was 3 miles but I felt every single step of it. I ate oatmeal and a peach before I went and I think that is why I was even able to last 3 miles.
It's really crazy how much an injury can mess you up mentally. Ugh.
Oh well! I'm not injured any more and I'm moving on up!
August's recap will be more green and high mileage!

see June's recap here.


  1. Well it seems like you're right back into being a runner now that your shin is healed. I think you're amazing and I'm so proud of your running accomplishments! <3