Pinterest Craft Mania

I've been a crafting freak lately. So I decided anything I make from Pinterest ideas up until Christmas will fall under this category:

I saw a similar repurposed tray on Pinterest (which as it turns out is from someone's Etsy store) and I knew that I had to make one! The SAME day I was at a thrift store and saw that ugly tray on the left and knew it would be perfect! I think this tray cost me around a quarter.
I sanded it, sprayed chalkboard paint (from Home Depot) over the entire thing, (which, in hindsight was dumb because it caused me to have to put on a million coats of yellow) and painted it a color called Mustard Seed. It's WAY more mustardy than the pic...I'm not sure why it's so bright yellow there!
I ordered a chalk pen from an etsy store and voila! A repurposed tray! I'm so pleased with it! I will attach wire to the back and hang it up after Thanksgiving.

This area used to have a cluster of pictures of Neely but they looked too small on this 5 foot wall.
Following this idea from Pinterest (of course!), I went to Kinko's and had this picture of Neely printed today. Instead of mounting it I used office clamps to hang it. I like the look and am going to get rid of the plants under it so it's more of a statement. The entire thing including 10 clamps cost me $7.

This is an old slate from the 50's (at least) that I picked up at a garage sale last weekend for $1. I used the chalk pen to write down this dreamy poem by Pablo Neruda. This will be hanging in my living room after we get our couch back from being reupholstered and I take down our giant Björk print. I have a lot of pinteresting ideas for our living room wall...stay tuned!!

I love crafting.

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  1. You are SO rad! All of these are amazing. I especially love what you did with that tray! Our house will be the coolest :-)