More Pinterest Crafting!

I recently made an ornament wreath following directions I found here. She gave great directions!
It was fairly simple but toward the end extremely frustrating. I hot glued most of my ornaments, but hot gluing 70+ ornaments is crazy. I should've listened to her and glued every last one because I've lost about 5 now. They're simple to replace (even once it's hanging) but annoying all the same!

I also made the Santa's beard advent calendar. The template is found here but I didn't love the look for my house so I just drew my own Santa. Starting on Saturday, Santa's beard will get one cotton ball per day until he comes to visit our house!

And last but not least, I made the reindeer found in this tutorial! I LOVE how it turned out! We completely did away with our giant Björk hanging that we had up for the last 4ish years. After Christmas I may take the red off of his nose and keep him up year round!
The HOLLY JOLLY letters I printed on red paper and cut out. They are attached to fishing line with a tiny piece of scotch tape on each letter.
I am planning a whole new wall design for after the New Year and I'm super excited to be decorating again!

Have you made any Christmasey crafts lately? I'd love to see them!

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