Christmas To-Do & Pray for CT

Christmas Activities I Want to Accomplish This Week
  • Make gingerbread cookies
  • car ride to see the one crazy lit up street
  • Watch Polar Express with Neely & Brett and sleep under the Christmas tree
  • Christmas movie night with Brett & have a fancy adult beverage
  • Neely's picture with Santa
  • Buy the rest of the Christmas gifts / wrap them
updated 12/22/12- we've done ALL things on my list except the Polar Express/sleep under the tree and we are doing that tonight! Woohoo!

I cried last night because Brett was talking to someone on the phone who is close to us and due 4 days before I was. And there are so many people pregnant around me right now. It's incredibly hard. I didn't realize how hard this was going to be, even though I've been through it so many times.
But then I think about the Newtown families with wrapped presents under their tree for the children who were murdered and it gives me perspective.
In comparison, what I have gone through is nothing compared to the unimaginable agony these families feel.
I really believe that ALL of us need to remember that. Almost nothing we've been through can remotely compare to what these families are going through.
And every time we realize that, we need to pray for them. And don't stop praying. They have a long road ahead of them. When the newness of this crime wears off many people will have it fade in their memories but these families will never be the same.
Don't stop praying.

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