Toward the end of last year I was pretty lazy with my camera. I would only take my iPhone with me and while it has amazing quality for something so small, it's just not the same as my Canon 7D.
I've been looking around the internet for inspiration, for some photography project to get involved in and I think I found the perfect thing!
It's one portrait of your child per week for an entire year. Since I take pictures of Neely nonstop anyway, this is perfect!
You can join too, here!

week 1|52


  1. Hi new reader and follower! Beautiful pictures, your daughter is so, so cute! Cant wait to see more pictures from you!

  2. You are an amazing photog and person. We are lucky to have you as the Mama of our family.
    Ps. You are super cute too...

  3. Beautiful girl and terrific shots. Nice to meet you via Jodi. I hope you carry this wonderful camera around regularly now. I think we all got a bit lazy via Instgram, but we're baaaack. xx

    1. Thank you! I've already felt more challenged, so that's encouraging!