January Home Project

You saw the wall I did for Christmas, right? Well now it's a blank canvas and is now my January decorating project. These yarn balls are hot glued to twigs that we found on a family adventure. I will be putting them into vases that I make and will post here once they're done.
I am also repainting a piece of furniture that was passed to me from my parents. It's always been green but I am almost greened out now. Green was my color for years but I am moving on to different colors. Have you ever gotten to that point? Where everything is a certain color and one day you wake up and realize you need to change everything? I am thankful for Pinterest because it allows me to change things with little to no money involved.
In our house we don't have too much space (fine by me!) and I would have to paint my pictures on the dining room table instead of in a studio space. So, decorating is the only way I can express my creativity while Neely is still little enough to get into all of my painting supplies.
My mom is a world-class decorator so it's in my bones.
I recently told Brett I would probably never be completely satisfied with our home decor because I am always finding ways to improve things. He loves it though, luckily!

If you're reading this, I'd love to hear about a home project you're working on! I need more creative people in my life!


  1. i have yet to take down the christmas things, let alone start new projects - but i LOVE these!