Neely has been sick all week. Today is day five. Five days full of coughing, sneezing, droopy-eyed, and exhausted babycakes.
My week has consisted of being attached to my girl. I can't go ten feet away from her without her crying for me. Even as I type this she's in the living room with Brett saying, "I want Mama, I want Mama." Now she's snuggled up to me in my chair.
Having a sick kid is so hard. I hate seeing her so miserable. She isn't herself and it's so sad.
Hopefully week four of this project will bring a smiling, happy Neely Bear.

I did have a funny conversation with her the other day while laying in bed together.

me: You won't see Dada tonight.
Neely: But I wanted a boy to be home!
me: Well he won't be home until after you're in bed.
Neely: But I wanted to see a boy!
me: Sinatra (our dog) is a boy, you can see him!
Neely: But I wanted to see a big big boy that talks.

(when Neely is upset she refers to Brett as "some boy" or "that boy" and me as "some girl" or "that girl" haha!)


  1. Lovely shot! So sorry you little one is sick, hoping she starts feeling better soon!

  2. I hope your little one feels better soon. It's a lovely photo of her.

  3. look at those long lashes! hope she's feeling like herself again soon.