Growing up and being only 8 months apart, we were like sisters.

Most of my favorite childhood memories are with my cousin Katy.

When we were elementary school age and running around the church like we owned the place (we practically did, we come from a family of preachers), people used to ask us if we were twins. We never looked alike but we both had long hair & were always together.

Our families even bought a house together when we were in middle school. We shared a room and although at times we fought like sisters, mostly we loved each other like sisters.

She has been a huge part of my life, the kind of person that will still laugh at inside jokes from 25 years ago, a loving voice on the end of the phone, a level-headed and kind woman of God. She is one of my favorite people of all time.

We now live several states away from each other but we see each other about once a year (thanks to her for traveling out west!). This past weekend she visited with her son who is four months younger than Neely.

I pray that one day we can live closer so that our children are as blessed to grow up with each other as we were.
Because if Cooper turns out to be anything like his mama, Neely will find in him a best friend for life.

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  1. I'm SO glad I'm a part of this family! I love how much you care about your blood