DIYing My House

Or should I say, DIM (myself)? Haha okay that wasn't very funny. It's been a long day!
Moving on!

For years, in our dining room, we have had a long black piece of furniture from Ikea, used to store my art supplies and Neely's craft supplies. And since the top is a flat surface, it has also been used to hold everything I am too lazy to put away as I'm walking through the dining room, and a bunch of house plants that are severely neglected (sorry plants). I knew it was messy and terrible looking but I didn't know what to do about it. Above that, on the wall, was a large rasterbated image of Frank Sinatra.
UNTIL several months ago I saw on A Beautiful Mess' blog, the architect prints. I immediately knew I wanted to do something with some sort of giant print but I had no wall space and no ideas.
A couple months ago we decided to get rid of the Frank Sinatra print and were left with a big, blank wall. I remembered the architect prints and knew that was the perfect solution!
I went to Kinkos and had them print me a picture I had taken of Neely. I chose 3'x4' because our wall space is 5'x5'.
When they handed it to me, I was amazed. Not only did it look perfect, but also, it cost me $6. Can't beat that! If you get one of these made, just note that I'm not sure if they let you print out someone else's picture, so you might want to check ahead.
I chose to hang it with office clamps because I wanted a more industrialish look.
Once it was hung up I knew it needed something else.
I decided I wanted to do a variation of this idea. Instead of making my own felt balls from wool roving I opted to buy pre-made ones. Not only was it more convenient, it was way cheaper. I attached them to floral wire. I bought a thin piece of wood from Home Depot and painted it flat black (I actually used gesso.). Once it was painted, Brett drilled 12 tiny holes in the top of it and then attached it to the wall. I filled each hole with a felt ball attached to wire, now looking like cute colorful flowers.
The effect I wanted was a tiny splash of color against the massive black and white print.
Super simple and I am so happy with how it turned out!