This is a picture of a girl who at this point was starting to feel better but wasn't quite there. This is why I liked this picture. It shows the healing process and the very realness of my messy house while Neely was so sick.
She was riding her Disney Princess truck through the house while holding her kitty wrapped in a dish towel. It was so cute, the fact that she wrapped up her kitty and took it around with her.
She isn't attached to any one stuffy, she goes through phases. This week it was all about her kitty. She put it in a purse and took it to stores, she carried it and talked to it and fed it a bottle. She is so cute while nurturing a stuffed animal!
Today, she is feeling 90% back to normal (just a small cough every once in a while) and she is back to her non-zombie happy self! (and my house is clean again! Well...most of it is.)


  1. Hope she is all better now, it's so cruel when little ones are sick.

  2. Hello there! I just saw your comment on my blog. It was in the spam folder for some reason. Nereus is sick, too! It's so hard for both of us, but at least he's in the mood for cuddling more than usual :)!

    Your little one is so sweet and nice with her kitty! I hope she's all better!

  3. Makes me feel better to see another (almost) 3 year old who still loves the pacifiers!