Weekend Wrap-Up (iPhone Pics)

Meal time is something I dread every single day. Neely just doesn't care about food. At all. So it is a battle. Friday night, I had her eat by candlelight, and she loved it! The best part to her was blowing out the candles.

Saturday I started this idea that I saw on Pinterest. Each time you have a $5 bill you put it away. At the end of the year (or whenever you want), you will have a good amount of money saved!

Saturday afternoon we went to the new Trader Joe's. Neely was elated to find they had little carts for kids. She pushed it around full of groceries like she was a little adult. I am so happy that they have these carts I just might drive out of my way each time so that she is happy while I'm shopping!

Sunday morning began with a little snail holding. She was talking to it in a high voice and was so excited when it slimed its way onto her hand! (gross)

We then took all three dogs for a walk. Neely's dog is named "Pokey Little Doggie".

We went to a Farmer's Market and poked around for a while. Neely was covering her eyes as soon as she saw that her picture was being taken! Haha!

This is my favorite tree against a blue sky. We hadn't seen the color blue for days so I was pretty excited!

Our weekend ended with an adventure in a park at dark. It was pretty creepy but we were pretending to look for coyotes. We didn't find any but we did see a bunny and a cat! We then went to a coffee shop to get hot chocolates. 

Since the moon was full we decided to look at the view before we went home. This is the moon shining on the San Diego Harbor. iPhone pic. So you can imagine how glorious it was in person. I felt so blessed to be able to witness it. The clouds soon covered the moon and we went home.

I love relaxing weekends!

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  1. THAT was a GREAT day! Your blog captured it perfectly!