She's Here!

Here is Mabel's birth story!

Saturday September 28th I lost my mucous plug and went to the hospital. They said I was only a 1, and didn't really confirm that it was my plug even though it was. They sent me home. Sunday, September 29th was spent flying a kite with Neely and trying to make her day really fun! That night Brett & I were watching COPS on tv and I noticed that I was having some pain that came and went. I didn't know if it was contractions or not since I only had pain in my back with Neely. I also REALLY didn't want to go to the hospital and get sent home, two nights in a row. If it was my first kid it wouldn't be a big deal but having someone come all the way over and stay at our house while we were there is kind of a hassle.
Brett told me we should go in but I was still hesitant so I texted my mom and my friend my contraction history to get their opinion. They both thought I should go so we called Brett's dad to come over and stay with Neely.
He got here 30ish minutes later which in contraction minutes felt like an eternity! We left immediately, I really didn't think we would be admitted so I didn't have time to process that I was leaving Neely and wasn't coming home without a baby.
When we got there I was put on monitors and sure enough, contracting every 2 minutes. I was only a 1.5 but very thinned out.
My doctor happened to be there doing another c-section so the nurse asked her opinion and she walked into our room saying, "So tonight's the night, huh?" We were like, "It is?" Brett asked her how much time we had and she said 20-30 minutes while the OR was being cleaned.
That kiiiind of freaked me out because it was all happening so fast!
They delivered her at 11:15pm. Immediately after the delivery I was puking a ton. I puked for a couple hours due to the morphine. I couldn't really hold her much because I was so sick!
She came out SCREAMING and was really gurgly so they were sucking the fluid out of her with one of those booger pickers (no idea what they're called) and she was MAD!
She is cute and tiny and perfect.  

Now Mabel will be 3 weeks old tomorrow and life has been so good. At a later time I will write about the transition from one to two. Nowadays I really don't have time to myself so I'm not sure when I'll be able to blog next! So far, being a mom of two is amazing. I love my girls!