2 DIY Projects for Baby Mabel

Mabel will be in a co-sleeper in the corner of my room for the first several months. Co-sleepers are not attractive and they don't have sheets that come in cute colors. I wanted Mabel to have something colorful (not that she will know either way...but I will!) so I decided to tackle a triangle quilt. I had never sewed anything even close to this difficult before so I knew I was being fairly ambitious.
I followed this tutorial (which was AMAZING). I didn't want the muted colors she chose (even though they are gorgeous), nor did I care about ombre. I just wanted something that felt like sunshine and happiness.
After I completed the quilt I said I would never make another one, but that may not be entirely true. Cutting and sewing the triangles was easy. 
The hard part for me was when I tried to actually "quilt" the triangles. My machine couldn't handle the thickness. I spent several frustrating hours trying and taking out stitches. I didn't want to hand tie it but after I finished I love the vintage look it adds to the quilt.
The other hard part for me was binding the quilt with double-bias tape. I'm sure it gets easier as you go but holy moly. It was a beast. 
This quilt is far (try a million miles) from perfect but I know that it makes me happy to look at, and hopefully Mabel will love and appreciate it when she's older (because trust me, this blanket is in our family for life, haha!).

The second project I completed was a DIY mobile. I will post better pictures after it's actually hanging.
I started with the felt suns from this tutorial. I modified the pattern to fit my needs, which were MUCH smaller. I made four suns, not knowing exactly what I was going to end up with mobile-wise. The felt suns were the only tutorial I followed...for everything else I winged it.
I then decided to take 16 foam balls and cover them in fabric. I was originally planning on painting them but figured fabric would match the quilt better. I used leftover fabric for this. 
I then threaded 4 foam balls through a string of fishing line. I did that 4 times for 4 strands. I tried to make them even but wasn't stressing about it since any irregularities would add to the look I was going for.
I threaded each sun on a separate fishing line.
The top of the mobile is an embroidery hoop. I marked off 8 places where the suns and fabric balls would go. 
I threaded the top of the fishing line between the two hoops and then tightened it as much as possible. 
I had very cute, thick, green yarn leftover from something years ago, so I used that to wrap around the embroidery hoop. It completed the 70's look of the mobile.
You can't see it in this picture (because I hadn't done it yet) but I used hot pink yarn to hang it.

I can't wait to see it hanging up and I especially can't wait to see my new baby laying underneath it!

Only 7 (at the most) more weeks until I meet my new baby girl!!