Ho Ho Ho, Jollllly Voxbox!

I recently received a nice package in the mail! sent me their JollyVoxBox!

Now, I have to say that the Skinny Cow Divine  Filled Chocolate treats were my FAVORITE item in this box. They are 130 calories for three pieces of chocolate (peanut butter & creme) and they are heavenly! 
My second favorite item is the Puffs tissues. When I go running in the morning it is cold so my nose runs. These are perfect to keep in my pocket and to take out when my nose runs. They are very soft too!
The Duck Brand duck tape isn't my style pattern-wise, but my daughter loves it. We used it to close a package and it really holds together well!
I was excited to receive makeup but was disappointed when I saw the colors. I am very pale and have blue eyes. The NYC HD Color Trio Eye Shadow is various shades of brown which wouldn't look good on me. I am going to be sending it to my brown-eyed cousin. The Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer was a peachy color and definitely not for my pale skin. It would look good on someone with darker skin. I did LOVE the applicator brush, which had a contoured feel to it, and I will definitely be looking into their other colors for purchase!
All in all this box was very fun to receive and I hope to have an opportunity to review more VoxBoxes!
Thank you, Influenster!!

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