Get Organized: Weekly Menu Planner DIY

For the past couple years I have been searching for the perfect menu planner. Being a mom of (now) two kids, one almost 4 and and infant, I find that my weekly menus have to be planned out. BUT I also have found that what I planned for one day may not work out due to time, tantrums, exhaustion, etc., so I needed something versatile.
I was never able to find just the right fit for me so I decided to make my own!

Of course I failed to take step by step pics, but I will explain how I made this menu board.

Materials Needed

Wood- we got ours at Home Depot's scrap area for $4 and cut it at home with a skill saw
Paint- I used leftover paint, but you can get a sample size paint in any color at Home Depot for about $3
Kraft Cardstock- I had tons of this leftover from something so that's what I used
Legible Font- I used Muro Regular
Some Program That Allows You to Print Squares- I used Word (just insert a table and drag it to the size you want)
Paper Trimmer- to cut straight lines
Washi Tape- to reinforce where you will put the wire through the cardstock, also for cuteness!
28 Gauge Steel Galvanized Wire- for the cardstock hangers
22 gauge Wire- to hang up on the wall

  • First things first, paint the first coat so it can be drying while you do everything else. As soon as it's dry, do another one and then a third coat for good  measure. Unless your paint isn't as old as mine. Then you'll probably just need two coats.
  • Make a list of ALL recipes that you know. As you can see above I also have a card for Takeout (best night of the month which is why it is so colorful!) and a "try something new" card for when I am bored of the usual. I plan on making a new card upon cooking a successful meal.
  • Print them all out from your word program.
  • Cut them.
  • Put washi tape along the top of each card so they don't rip when inserting wire.
  • Measure even(ish) lengths of wire and put through the top of each card. I used an upholstery needle to poke through the washi tape and cardstock, but you could use anything pokey.
  • We measured the wood so that we could fit the weekdays into one row. 
  • We left an inch and a half measured for the day labels.
  • Hammer nails below each day label- we angled ours so the meals don't fall off
  • Add something fancy to the bottom for cuteness factor
  • Hang and you're done! You now have the coolest menu planner out of anyone that you know!
Here is a close up of the cards:

I hope that was easy to understand and that it helps make your kitchen a little more organized!

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