Project Life Week 10

In November of 2013 I finally gave into my curiosity and succumbed to the Project Life mania. Project Life is an extremely simple way to document, well, Life!
I am an all-star sap. I am one of the most sentimental people I know. I want to know all things about my relatives and family history, I want to save every piece of mail, art, text, photo etc., that people give me.
I love to document my own life and pretty much every little thing that my kids do.
All that to say, I was a good candidate for Project Life.
I haven't been able to photograph my layouts that well because I didn't have a lens that worked, but I recently got a new lens so now I can start posting my layouts!

Week 10

I must say, I'm not your typical Project Lifer. I don't care about my layouts looking clean and uniform. 

I make a lot of my own cards, I don't own tons of embellishments so I make my own frames and get creative in other ways. 

I've also realized that I'm way more about the photos than the journaling. I haven't actually seen any Project Life layouts like mine...I've hoped to see some, maybe for some inspiration, but I guess I'll keep looking!
At any rate, I love love love Project Life!

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