31|Thirty-One|week 1

How did you do this week? Were you able to get any miles in? Even if you start slow there is always time to catch up! Don't let apathy set in, get out there and pound the pavement (or treadmill). Your body will thank you at the end of these 31 miles!

My week wasn't the greatest running week I've ever had. I am developing a shin splint from running on the sidewalk so much. Concrete is really bad for our legs! I thought I was going to only be able to do 2 miles total but Thursday I made myself go for a run with Neely around 6pm. I felt SO good afterward and was SO proud of myself.
The way I'm doing the mileage is this.
The challenge is supposed to be running miles only so when I have to stop and walk, I pause my Nike+GPS app. I allow myself to walk for 1 minute and then continue my run. I walked only about 3 minutes total Thursday and I was pleased with that!
Here are my runs (5 miles total) for the week (click to make bigger):

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