Her face.
Her breath.
The way she constantly tries to make me laugh.
The way I go to bed excited to see her in the morning.
My heart puddles thinking about her.
I have cried countless tears thinking about her growing up and leaving me.
I want these days to last forever.
I long for her when we're apart.
She is my joy, my obsession.

Right now she's standing bouncing to music and holding a nail polish bottle which she will no doubt bring over to me and pretend to paint my nails.
Her sentences are no longer full of sweet baby gibberish.
She can speak a few complete sentences, she repeats everything I say.
I love this amazing baby.

All of these are reasons why even though so many people around me with babies her age are getting pregnant, I do not want to.
I do not want to share her with anyone.
I hope I come to the place in my heart where I feel like it can love another baby, but until then my heart is very full.

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