This morning Neely woke up crying hysterically. When I pulled myself out of bed and went to her room I discovered her little body was burning up. The poor baby had a fever all day today. Neely and I spent 80% of our day laying in my bed cuddling and napping. She also spent lots of time watching the PBS Sprout Channel on TV (a staple in our house). I eventually let her outside to play for a bit after she tearfully begged me. I cannot resist a girl who loves the outdoors!
During one of our naps I woke up to see Brett in his work uniform whispering that he dropped off a Starbucks Green Tea Latte for me. He drove all the way home to bring me a Starbucks because he knew today was rough! What a pumpkin face. I am so in love with him.
So this is Neely stealing a sip of my "foffee" and I had to take her picture because her precious chubby fingers make me want to die.
Her head isn't very warm any more...I think it was a combo of foffee and being outside. :)

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