Homeschool Update| First Semester Update

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I just realized I had not made a Homeschooling update past the first few weeks of school!

Neely absolutely adores being home schooled. She is a real homebody (although she loves to go places and she loves attention) so it is a perfect fit.

At the beginning and until Christmas break, we were dressed and ready for school by 8:00am. This allowed us to be done with our school day by 10:00 or 10:30 at the latest. This was a great plan because it was still early enough to hang out with friends or run errands before lunch time.

For some reason I cannot get my life together since Christmas break. We now start anywhere from 9:00 to 10:00 and school can last for hours or it is broken up into sections of the day.

Although most homeschooling mamas seem to thrive on no schedule or loose schedules, I cannot live like this! I need rules!

My husband's work life has been chaotic and I have not been able to plan and breathe like I would like to.

She takes a couple VAPA classes outside of the home and I am just hoping she will make a friend (please PLEASE God). It's really hard to socialize a kid who is shy(ish) and only used to talking to adults. If any homeschooling ladies have any tips I am all ears!

Neely is getting all of her work done and she is very happy and successful academically, but inside I am suffering! I just need one weekend to relax and plan and get back into the groove so that I can actually enjoy this wonderful process!

But all in all homeschooling is amazing and I wish everyone homeschooled their child.

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